Accept a coin. Join the wave.

Coins of kindness swell across our globe.

Waves of Goodness is a private foundation, committed to spreading kindness throughout the entire world, one act of service at a time. Like the ripples of a wave, we believe each act will lead to more acts, exponentially expanding outward. We share this world together. And together we can bring more kindness, more goodness, more comfort to all. Join us as we lift the heads that hang down and heal the hearts that droop in grief.

We’ve created 2,012 unique coins: 1,000 copper; 1,000 silver; 12 gold. Each coin symbolizes a wave of goodness. Like an ocean wave that breaks onto the shore and then recedes back into the ocean, kindness requires both a give and take. Service given, and service received. We follow Maya Angelou’s counsel: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

How getting involved works.

Within 7 days of receiving your coin:
Start a wave

Use your talents or means to perform an act of service and kindness.

Complete the wave

Open your heart to graciously receive service offered to you.

Pass it on

Pass your coin on to another person. They start their own wave.

Form a habit

Make giving and receiving a weekly habit and continue through your life.

Ready to start your wave?

Reach out to us.
Get involved

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About us

Making waves of goodness a habit.

Where to find us

3520 N. University Ave., Ste. 225, Provo, Utah 84604